Monday, 6 February 2012

piggy tails

Today fo the first time Molly May wore her hair in pig tails she was very pleased with herself  and looked so much older with her hair all up .

The gray weather disapeared by the afternoon and was replaced by clear blue skys and lots of sunshine so we wrapped up and went for a walk .

I put the finishing stars on my felt purse todayits taken a while to work out what i wanted to put on my purse but I'm really pleased with how its turned out . The applique was done with my new 100% wool felt which was so nice to work with and has a nicer look to it than the acrylic felt. Now to decorate my felt bag :)

A weekend snug at home

This weekend was very damp cold and grotty and we didn't get a drop of snow :( so after a little walk to grandmas we all snuggled up at home and read books baked cakes and played with toys and did some crafting.

We've recently started allowing Ben to use the laptop we got him a bumblebee mouse which is nice and chunky for little hands hes got the hang of it very quickly and really really loves going on the official Lego website which has some little simple games on it that he can play without to much difficulty his favourite game being the Starwars Lego spaceship game :)

These are my recent charity shop finds ,Ive always had a fascination for Russian nesting dolls especially the teenie tiny one and the pixies were equally fascinated too although sunday was spent searching for the teenie tiny doll who was later found in the toy garage.     
I found the dresser in a British heart foundation shop and bought it  straight away it was reduced from £100 to £60!!! and they kindly delivered it for me too :)  ive wanted one for ages as somewhere for displaying all my handmade stuff  and the cupboard bit is perfect for storing our ever growing collection of games and jigsaws. I'm not sure if I'm gonna paint it yet where just living with it and seeing how we like it unpainted at the moment .

Daisy and Molly busy putting all their cuddly toys and dolls to bed.

I finished off some crafty makes that have been hanging about unfinished for a while. The first was a knitted felted purse and the second was a bag tidy for all those pesky plastic bags that despite all my best efforts with cloth bags keep finding their way into our house ! grrr but at least they look pretty and tidy now :)

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Forest school

Me and molly May have started going to a Forest school every Wednesday morning , we've braved the rain , and this week the Siberian winds but its the most lovely group of mommies and children and we always have a Good time . Theres a hammock amongst the trees which Molly loves laying in and looking up at the tree tops and we always build a shelter and have rice cakes and flapjacks with some herbal tea which i think is Molly's absolute favourite part she calls it picnic time .

This week was the Imbolc which is the Celtic festival marking the beginning of spring which was hard to believe as the cold Siberian winds blew but as we went searching for signs of spring it was amazing how many we found ,snowdrops , violets and daffodils starting to push up through the soil . Then we made tiny birds nests which Molly really enjoyed and played hide and seek . It was so nice to get out and see the earth waking up it gave me a real sense of optimism and joy .
We love our Forest school.

 Making nests and eating our 3rd piece of flapjack.

                                           This is Molly hiding :)

Friday, 27 January 2012

crafty catch up

 I jazzed up the worlds most boring lamp with Decopatch , if you have never tryed it you've got to give it a go its the most fun therapeutic craft ever! it really is just cutting or ripping up special thin paper and gluing it onto a surface or object ! easy peasy .

 This is the finished lamp it has the nicest pinky glow when its switched on . i added a felt flower that came as a kit from Molly Makes magazine .
Ive also done some hand applique onto a cardi , i used a black napkin from primark and a scrap of spotty fabric for the bow.

 This pretty dove calendar was made by Ben at school ,Ive stuck it to the kitchen cupboard so every morning it can cheer me up as i make breakfast for the pixies in the early winter morning gloom.
 It has been super windy where we live in lancashire for the last couple of months so with a gale blowing in under the door i found a use for my stash of bits of left over wool.... a stripey knitted snakey draft excluder ! Meet Sissy (Ben named him!) he was the most fun to make watching all the colours come together to make sissy the super rainbow snake .

i turned 30

 On January the 8th i turned the big 3...0 ! I woke up to a strange bumping sound and when i looked out of the window the their was balloons with happy 30th written on them tied to the front of our house bumping about in the wind :)  We all went out for dinner and ate lots of ice cream and then my parents looked after the sleeping pixies while me Adam and my brothers went bowling which i haven't done since i was about 14 yrs old and boy was i rubbish ! but it was lots of fun and we finished the night off with a giant pizza :)

This is a 30 year old me. 
I got this felt bag and purse off Adam for my birthday Ive got so many design ideas for the front of them I'm so excited I'll post a picture when their finished ( their from if anybody wants to decorate their own felt bag or purse).
 more felty birthday presents ,i finally finally have some 100% wool felt sheets yay!!! and 'The Cuter Book by Aranzi Aronzo.
 Adam also bought me a big bag of buttons :) happiness is defiantly a big bag of buttons!
 The pixies bought me this really pretty sewing kit which comes in its own little tin . Ive since finished making them so theirs a Before... during and after photo ! they turned out brilliant and strangely enough even though they are all from the same pattern they are all different sizes which is a testament to my wonky sewing but i think it works well and they do look very cute snoozing on my shelf.

 The pixies made me a lovely card and Ben wrote happy birthday on the front, i'll treasure it forever xx

Molly turned 2

Molly May turned 2years old on the 28th December ,i think that's the quickest 2yrs ever!  We all went to a soft play centre for her birthday treat and then back home for a birthday tea with Grandma and grandad and the uncles . Her favourite present was pre loved buzz light year we got given from a friend ,she takes it everywhere with her now even to bed so sometimes in the night we hear Buzz talking if she rolls onto him in her sleep :)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

christmas 2011 :)

 Heck im really far behind in my blogging ! This is our Christmas in a couple of piccys. We had a lovely stay at home spend half the day in our jammies kind of day it was really relaxing and just perfect.
we saved the free lego kits from the Sun newspaper and wrapped them up for Ben's Christmas present their was about 24 little sets in the end and he was over the moon when he opened them and spent most of the day at the table happily building little cars and spaceships .
 this is Daisy Doo modelling some of her christmas presents , we bought her a little sylvanian family windmill which she was delighted with , i was sooo pleased she loved her Sylvanians it was my absolute favourite toy for most of my childhood :)
Molly may got a pre-loved Waybaloo house with the little weird people that live in them , it was Mollys first real christmas being old enough to know all about father christmas and presents etc so she was very excited .
 These are some of the lovely presents i was lucky enough to be given , I got the super cute Happy Tree felt kit from Adam and i just couldn't resist quickly making one christmas night , i also got lots of little fabric bundles from Adam which are just gorgeous and my brains all a kerfuffle while i try to decide what i can make with it :)
My parents bought me the Kirsty Allsopp crafty book , ive loved watching her crafty programmes on tv and think shes brilliant so im well chuffed with her big book of exciting things to make :) cant wait to make the Elderflower cordial !
          My two little girls :) who are fast becoming best of friends x